Learn to build your own MAME arcade cabinet so that you can play all of the classic arcade games at home! 
With this website you can learn How to Build Your Own Arcade Machine!



This website details the creation of a video arcade machine from an old JAMMA cabinet, that can play all of the classic games at home.

The very first arcade machines like Space Invaders and Frogger were made specifically to play one game and when their time was over, they were discarded. In an effort to make the machines more reusable the JAMMA arcade standard was adopted in the early 1980's.  A JAMMA cabinet had a standard wiring harness built into it and it allowed an arcade to be easily recycled to be a new a game. An operator could change out the game card, marquee, reconfigure the controls and put new stickers on a cabinet and it became a new game.

The first step to the project detailed at was to secure a JAMMA cabinet which you can do at an arcade auction or through Craig's List.  Stay away from Ebay unless you want to be cheated and spend a fortune to have it shipped from Mongolia..

The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME runs on a personal computer that actually recreates the hardware of an arcade machine and then loads the actual arcade software, known as ROMS into the program. This allows the user to actually play the original arcade game as it played in the arcade.

You can use a special adapter, MAME and this JAMMA cabinet as an inexpensive and effective way of getting a complete arcade machine up and running.

Since the JAMMA cabinet already has everything you need, an arcade monitor, controls, coin mechanisms and the cabinet, you do not need to purchase them all separately or assemble anything. It really streamlines the process!

When you are done, you can literally have an entire arcade at your fingertips!




Click the arcade machine to begin!

Click the arcade machine to begin!